Wine, in all its glorious variety, is one of Marc and Kim’s passions. They have spent much of their professional life travelling in Europe’s wine country, meeting producers, tasting wines, enjoying them alongside local cuisine, learning and enjoying directly at the source.

In 2021 Marc became a certified an Italian Wine Ambassador after study with the Vinitaly International Academy. He hosts a weekly podcast called “Wine, food and travel with Marc Millon” on Italian Wine Podcast.

You can listen to “Wine, food and travel with Marc Millon” on Soundcloud or wherever you get your pods (Spotify, iTunes, Apple podcasts, Ximalaya, and elsewhere).

Out of their passion for wine, and through a deep personal friendship going back more than twenty-five years, Marc and Kim began to import the wines of Cascina Fontana from Mario Fontana’s cantina in the heart of the Barolo wine hills into the UK. Mario has since gone to be recognised as one of the leading producers of traditional Barolo, his wines gaining such recognition as select ‘tre bicchieri’ status in the prestigious Vini d’Italia Gambero Rosso guide, as well as the ‘chiocciola’ snail symbol in the equally regarded Slow Wine guide. Marc and Kim continue to work with Mario and hold stocks of these precious wines, supplying a select group of private connoisseurs, as well as such important customers as Lympstone Manor, The Galley Restaurant, and Darts Farm. If you are interested in getting your hands on a bottle or two of these special wines, please contact Marc.

Marc regularly gives wine tastings and talks on a number of themes and topics, including wine and literature and the history of wine. He has also given a workshop on wine yoga.